Gorgeous Ideas for Small Bathroom

Getting a gorgeous design for small bathroom is not the limit, even though it is small you can still design it like it is large. Here are some of great ideas that you might like to follow:

Beachy Vibe –  this will make your bathroom look freezy without getting overboard.


Bold Wallpaper – lively patterns is not out of style.


Cohesive Style – design your bathroom from other elements of your home.


Timeless Style –  traditional materials is not bad as you think it is.


Best Paint Colors for Bathroom this Year

Revamp your bathroom to a fresh and clean look with these paint colors:

Arctic Blue – transform your bathroom to a spa vibe.


Black – dark color especially black looks good in your bathroom but make sure not to make it as a whole color.


Blue – wall is not the only one that you can revamp with, your cabinets is not also an exception.


Charcoal – just like black paint, charcoal produced a different style to your bathroom.